My Interview Experience

Tips to crack TCS Technical and MR or HR Interview with example.

This article comprises of the tips and activities that are needed to be followed while attending and interview. The article is related to my self-experience to make it more interesting. Success cannot be assured, it needs to be attained with ones skills.

How to get job in any Multi National company(MNC)?

This article explains all the tips that a candidate should know before going to seek a job opportunity in any Multinational company especially Wipro, InfoTech, Geodesic. It includes all the dos and donts. I have explained all these things with my own experiences. This article plays a crucial role in getting job. It also includes resume preparation tips, Interview tips and tips to clear the written test.

My interview experience at Godrej Infotech for Programmer position

Recently I appeared for an interview at Godrej Infotech for the position of Programmer. In this article, I am going to share my written test and interview experience. If you are going to apply for the post in Godrej Infotech, I hope my experience will help you in preparation.

Looking for tips on how to be effective during a phone interview for a job? This article provides useful tips for novices who are participating in their very first phone interview with a prospective employer.

My interview experience to get admission in school

This article is about My interview experience to get admission in school. Read to know what questions were asked to me by the teacher after which I got admission in the school

My PhD interview Experience at NIT-Surat

The article provides the details of my Ph.D. interview at SVNIT (NIT-Surat). The articles give stages of interview, panel information, and few questions testing my eligibility and suitability of Ph.D scholar.

First Placement/Interview experience for a reputed IT MNC

I would be explaining my interview in one of the reputed Indian MNC. After reading this article the students would get an idea what questions are asked in the interview and what are the rounds they have to go through

In this article I have shared my story of how I cracked my campus interviews. This article will be helpful for all those who are in their final year and looking forward for a lucrative career in IT industry. There are few things that we need to be well prepared even before we appear for any interview.

How to handle eight typical interview questions

During an interview, a candidate is asked questions of general nature and questions relating to subject and the job. The present article discusses eight questions of general nature which are frequently asked during interviews. The aim is to help the candidates prepare these questions beforehand.

My experience in job hunting after completing BE

Job hunting becomes hard for a fresher who do not get placed in college campus selection. It needs a lot of effort to grab a job according to our own interest. Here is my experience how I headed for job search and how I acquired my 1st job and there after my experience at workplace.

Importance of a Job Description (JD) in a job interview process

This article aims to relate importance of a Job Description (in short JD) in an interview process for both recruiting managers as well as candidates. It also addresses benefits and drawbacks of having JD available beforehand for an interview both from interviewer and interviewees perspective and finally hints how the candidate can interpret and use JD wisely for the interview.

The inside story of why HR does not give clear feedback after a job interview

This article aims to provide insight into typical interview feedback we receive from HR which is like We will get back to you and many more such answers even if interview outcome is negative. It tries to answer what can be different interpretations of such a feedback for a candidate.

This article describes about my interview experience when I wanted to apply for Graduate Apprentice trainee at BEL. Read this article to know about the different questions asked by the interviewer in my interview.

My interview with Radio Mirchi for RJ

Facing an interview of a company of professional services & manufacturing is one thing but facing an interview of a company related to media or a company which is media itself is a different thing. I would like to share my experience of my interview with Radio Mirchi for the post of Radio Jockey.

Unsuccessful interview and the role of the moustache

How can the moustache be related to the performance before the Interview Board? Is the episode funny or painful? Read the episode described by the author to know the details. What lessons have you learnt, let the author know.

Cybage placement – Aptitude Test, Technical Interview and HR Interview

I got placed in Cybage on 21st December, 2009. In this article, I would like to share my placement experience in Cybage. Cybage placement consisted of aptitude test followed by a technical interview followed by an HR interview.

BPO Interview Experience – Sutherland Global Services

Are you looking for BPO Interview experience? Then read this article to know Sutherland Global Services BPO interview round detail.

Top ten tricky question that an interviewer might ask and their answers

Are you tensed of attending an interview? Are you fed up of failing in interviews? Dont worry, just go through the below article and you will definitely get the courage that you need now.

NPCIL Interview Experience at Anushaktinagar, Mumbai

The article list my interview experience at NPCIL (Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited) at Anushaktinagar, Mumbai. This deals with various various mechanical engineering technical questions about heat exchanger and pressure vessels.

Standard Chartered – Scope International Interview Experience

This article is about my interview experience with Standard Chartered Bank through Scope International. Read to know how the interview went on.

Sungard Interview – Software Testing and SQL

In July, I had been interviewed by Sungard which was based on Software Testing, SQL Queries. Go through the article, if you are interested in knowing about the interview question of software testing field. Here, I have included some information about Sungard, Locations of Sungard in India, Automation tool information, Test Plan and Test Strategy document, Difference between Test plan and Test strategy, SQL interview questions, code to print reverse string, Integration testing example.

My interview experience at Thermax Ltd

Here I will describe my interview experience at Thermax Ltd, Pune for the post of E&I Engineer. It includes general, electrical and instrumentation related questions asked by interviewer and answers replied by me.

My interview experience in Epiance for manual testing

We attend the interview with so many thoughts running on our mind. With fear to face the interviewer and the interview results, we still try to keep our confidence level high and with positive attitude we attend the interview. Here is one of my interview experiences I would be sharing with you all.

Are you preparing Interviews of top companies? Read my experience at Wipro BPO interview and you may know what type of questions can be ask during interview of any top companies like Wipro.

Want to know what types of questions asked during a job interview with Eclerx company? This article provides an insight into the interview experience with Eclerx.

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