Senior Java Developer Interview Questions

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Senior java developer interview questions shared by candidates

If you get through the java phone interview, which I did, then you get a javascript phone interview, then, face 2 face.

They used google closure for the front end. The interviewer freely admitted that no-one came with this skill, even himself, so they were expected to pick it up on the job. Fairly straight forward. Feedback, was that I was not strong enough on my java. Go figure. Time wasters.

During the phone screening: How would you parse information from a text file?

There are various ways of parsing text. The usual tools are: ◾ String.split methods ◾ StringTokenizer and StreamTokenizer classes ◾ Scanner class ◾ Pattern and Matcher classes, which implement regular expressions ◾ for the most complex parsing tasks, you can use tools such as JavaCC

Explain all the guarantees about the use of volatile keyword in the Java language from version 1.5

It is a pretty standard interview question when interviewing for senior positions for core Java development

Didnt pass the technical test, 3 junit tests written to call an ISBN validator implementation. You write the code to implement the validation algorithm so tests pass. Third test involved webservices unclear of details cos ran out of time.

Discuss Composite Pattern with the example of a File System

Can you tell me what the coding exercise was?

I was asked how my attempt at the programming task accomplished a particular requirement that I had not fully implemented.

I used the question as an opportunity to walk through what I had implemented and how it worked. I gave a critical analysis of my own work and suggested how it could be improved.

Whats the relationship between equals and hashCode methods in Java?

It wasnt the most difficult or unexpected question, its just one example I can remember.

How i used my senior skills in the job

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