A separate system for documentation called Wiki, is built right into eachGitLab project. It is enabled by default on all new projects and you can findit under

Wikis are very convenient if you dont want to keep your documentation in yourrepository, but you do want to keep it in the same project where your coderesides.

You can create Wiki pages in the web interface orlocally using Gitsince every Wiki isa separate Git repository.

Note:Apermission levelofGuestis needed to view a Wiki andDeveloperis needed to create and edit Wiki pages.

The first time you visit a Wiki, you will be directed to create the Home page.The Home page is necessary to be created since it serves as the landing pagewhen viewing a Wiki. You only have to fill in theContentsection and clickCreate page. You can always edit it later, so go ahead and write a welcomemessage.

Create a new page by clicking theNew pagebutton that can be foundin all wiki pages. You will be asked to fill in the page name from which GitLabwill create the path to the page. You can specify a full path for the new fileand any missing directories will be created automatically.

Once you enter the page name, its time to fill in its content. GitLab wikissupport Markdown, RDoc and AsciiDoc. For Markdown based pages, all theMarkdown featuresare supported and for links there issomewiki specificbehavior.

Note:The wiki is based on a Git repository and contains only text files. Uploadingfiles via the web interface will upload them in GitLab itself, and they willnot be available if you clone the wiki repo locally.

In the web interface the commit message is optional, but the GitLab Wiki isbased on Git and needs a commit message, so one will be created for you if youdo not enter one.

When youre ready, click theCreate pageand the new page will be created.

To edit a page, simply click on theEditbutton. From there on, you canchange its content. When done, clickSave changesfor the changes to takeeffect.

You can find theDeletebutton only when editing a page. Click on it andconfirm you want the page to be deleted.

Every wiki has a sidebar from which a short list of the created pages can befound. The list is ordered alphabetically.

If you have many pages, not all will be listed in the sidebar. Click onMore pagesto see all of them.

The changes of a wiki page over time are recorded in the wikis Git repository,and you can view them by clicking thePage historybutton.

From the history page you can see the revision of the page (Git commit SHA), itsauthor, the commit message, when it was last updated and the page markup format.To see how a previous version of the page looked like, click on a revisionnumber.

Since wikis are based on Git repositories, you can clone them locally and editthem like you would do with every other Git repository.

On the right sidebar, click onClone repositoryand follow the on-screeninstructions.