How Working Becomes Your Favorite Play

We Offer Exceptional Benefits – Know Them

How Working Becomes Your Favorite Play

We Offer Exceptional Benefits – Know Them

How Working Becomes Your Favorite Play

We hear a lot about employees are our greatest strength. At Altimetrik, our greatest strength is balanced and meaningful experiences for all. It is for the same reason that our human resource function is known as People Experience. It is our dream to go beyond the mechanical elements of the typical HR faculty in companies and provide our Employees with an enlivening corporate experience.

Your AltiSTART experience starts around a week before you join Altimetrik and lasts until the end of the first quarter. You will find that when you join us, we will maximize the comfort and reduce any anxieties you may have about working at a totally new place.

Alti Buddy is a part of the AltiSTART program. The Buddy will be your at your side, helping you settle in and addressing any questions or concerns you may have about Altimetrik and the way we do things over here.

Your virtual induction experience it makes you discover where Altimetrik stands in the ever expanding technology universe. The past, present and future of Altimetrik is showcased through a series of talks by Leaders and the window of possibilities that are open to you.

The greatest of achievements find their roots in the smallest of ideas. Our idea incubation program lets you submit your ideas for the managements review, evaluation, and possibility for execution.

Our one-stop shop solution for all information pertaining to your employment with us, from mobile phone reimbursement policy to international travel details

Work Hard. Play Hard. Here is where we encourage you to take part in fun activities and events where you have a chance to win prizes.

At Altimetrik , learning is a journey of self-development. Our in-house Learning Management System provides you with ample industry knowledge for your professional growth. There is also an online library containing several self-improvement programs and technical courses, which you can utilize to hone your skills.

You and your thoughts matter to us. The various experiences we offer you include Account Orientation, Daily New Joiner Connect, New Manager Orientation, Employee 1:1 Connect, Open House, Team Meeting and All Hands Meet.

Our annual employee survey asking our employees to reflect on their experiences and happenings of the current year. The feedback provided helps us hone our offerings to you.

We Offer Exceptional Benefits – Know Them!

It is the skilled employees that make Altimetrik the kind of company it is. We strongly believe in the philosophy of inclusion and diversity. We ask for immaculate services and reward people for their original thinking. At Altimetrik, employees enjoy life to the core. We buoy up a work environment where our employees remain motivated to innovate and achieve. We provide numerous avenues for rich personal growth and career development.

All our Employees and their families are covered under a comprehensive group medical insurance plan, accident insurance and life insurance.

An extra perk to reward high-performers at Altimetrik.

Our Employees are entitled to paid time-off, sabbatical, bereavement leave, sick days, and paid holidays.

We offer a wholesome package to help our Employees meet their family commitments including maternity & paternity leave, reduced or flexible hours, work from home and family medical leave.

We trust you to make the right decisions on your attire and your ability to judge what is appropriate for work. Hence do not have a formal dress code. (If you are at a client location, then their dress code policy would apply to you.)

Our employees are entitled to lease cars to meet their comfort

We are tech-savvy technologists passionate about creating an impact in the enterprise world. Altimetrik environment is abundant with continuous learning opportunities and employees are aligned to capability centers with specialist mentors. At Altimetrik, each individual becomes an expert in the cutting-edge area of technology transformation. The major focus remains on solution building and application of demos and advanced technologies and devices. Thereby, each individual creates a distinctive niche for themselves. We get to work in the most advanced design studio and innovation labs equipped with state-of-the-art devices. We at Altimetrik strictly followed the philosophy of Design Engineering. Our holistic approach intends to create a human-centered software development process where delivery is a fine amalgamation of art, engineering and technology. Heres what some of us have to say about being at Altimetrik!

My experience of working in Altimetrik, has been very inspiring. The focus on creativity, innovation and quality here is simply unmatchedPriya Rosely

There is ample scope for one to present his/her ideas (small/big) and make it count for the greater benefit of the organization. The concept of re-imagining followed here encourages technologists to thing innovatively and come up with unique solutions to enhance end-user experienceArun Venkataraman

Altimetrik allows me to maintain a fantastic work-life balance. The work pressure is equally shared among teams and individualsSaranya Gunasekaran

Altimetrik provides a very healthy environment for an employee to be strong both physically and mentally. Physical activities like badminton, basketball, Table Tennis to mind boggling puzzles and quizzes, everything is organized timelyAnuj Kumar

There is freedom of words, thoughts and expression. The best part about Altimetrik is that it organizes training programs to enhance your skills in different technologies. I got a chance to refresh my skills in Webdynpro, Core ABAP, and OO ABAPShankar GK

The design studio and innovation labs are extremely helpful. It is always good to work in an environment equipped with the latest toolNarendra Marigowda

In Altimetrik I have had the opportunity to grow professionally and always be able to work on the latest technology trends. What I value the most is the people and the working environmentPablo Igounet

My experience working in Altimetrik has been great, not only because of the time flexibility and work atmosphere but for the opportunity it gives us to learn new skills and grow within the companyDiego Moreno

Altimetrik is an equal opportunity employer. We maintain an open culture often linked to startups and hire outstanding female technologists who bring a fresh dimension to our work. Our goal is to help clients transform their business and were are more likely to succeed if Altimetrians reflect the diversity of our clients. We have got great women at Altimetrik, and we want more. Our Women are also regularly encouraged to participate in international coding competitions and hackathons.

I thoroughly enjoyed the work culture at Altimetrik. It allows all employees unlimited freedom to think, explore and create. It is equal opportunity employer

The access to the design studio and innovation lab is a boon for all the technologists and designers. It facilitates better innovation

Innovation at Altimetrik, is a way of life. We breathe and live innovation individually and as a team, at all levels. Here is something NEW, we have for YOU.

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